Running Analysis Duluth MN

For Runners

Whether your goal is to incorporate running as part of living a healthy lifestyle or to set a new personal record at an upcoming race, at Living Well Therapy we can help you improve your running mechanics and assist you in an individualized training plan that keeps you running and working toward your personal goals.

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Duluth MN Physical Therapy

Physical Therapy

Living Well Therapy, our name defines our mission, helping you live well. Our approach is to offer a variety of therapy services to ensure that you receive the right care that you need to recover quickly. Physical, Occupational, Speech, Massage therapy and home care all offered by one clinic.

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Services for Older Adults

Therapy for Baby Boomers and The Greatest Generation

The experienced Occupational Therapy staff at Living Well Therapy can help you stay active and age gracefully through strengthening, improving flexibility, treatment options to manage your pain or educating you in techniques to make things easier.

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Duluth MN Massage Therapy

Massage Therapy

At Living Well Therapy, Massage Therapy is a medical-based service. Every individual is treated specifically for their individual needs. Our purpose and care is to understand the individual and devise the session that looks at each person, on each visit, singularly.

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Play Hard. Recover Strong. Live Well.
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