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Physical Therapy & Bodywork in Duluth, Floodwood & Tower, MN

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The experienced therapists at Living Well Therapy offer a multifaceted approach to your care and wellness. Our evaluation and treatment approach will incorporate your whole person, not just the area of symptoms. We take this approach because often pain, tension or weakness in one area of your body can be the result of, or influence dysfunction in another. By treating the whole person, we look to not only alleviate your symptoms but also address the source of the problem. We offer a variety of treatment options to help you recover quickly and maintain your highest level of wellness.

Living Well Therapy is your go-to choice for physical therapy in Duluth, Floodwood & Tower, MN. We are in network with nearly all insurance plans and will help with insurance verification before you start your care. If you do not have insurance or choose to pay out of pocket, we have affordable plans for that as well.

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Prevent Injury During Your Morning Run

We offer physical therapy for runners in Duluth, Floodwood & Tower, MN

Stay in top running condition

One of our specialties is physical therapy for runners. If you're a runner, make sure you're taking care of your body. We can analyze your running technique and provide you with a therapy program that takes care of your whole body.

Enjoy running for years to come. Speak with us today to schedule a running analysis.