Physical Therapy

How to get the most out of your physical therapy

Physical Therapy, Rehabilitation

1.  Ask Questions About Your Condition and TreatmentKnee

As a patient, you should not simply follow the orders of your therapist. Rather, have an open dialogue with your therapist about what is to be done and what to expect. Think of your relationship with your physical therapist as a therapeutic alliance. Both you and your therapist should be working together to help you move and feel better.

2.  Perform Your Home Exercise Program as Directed

Usually in physical therapy you may be required to perform an exercise program at home (or on your own in your room if you are receiving physical therapy in the hospital). It is essential that you do your best to perform the exercises prescribed by your physical therapist. If, for some reason, you cannot do the exercises, tell your therapist. Taking responsibility for your condition and engaging in a self-care exercise program can help you return to optimal function quickly.

3.  Work Hard

Occasionally after injury, illness, or surgery you need to work hard to regain normal mobility. Your physical therapist won’t expect every patient to get better and dance out of the clinic or hospital. Your physical therapist will expect that you work hard and try your best. By following some simple rules in physical therapy, you can be sure that you have a positive experience. Plus, you can feel good about working hard to decrease and eliminate your pain and improve your functional mobility. If you are unsure of what is expected, be sure to ask your physical therapist.