Home Care Services - Duluth & Floodwood, MN

Sometimes after illness or hospitalization your physician may order home care. This is a specific service that usually involves a combination of nursing and therapy services to someone who would have difficulty getting out of their home and into the community on a regular basis to receive these services. Living Well Therapy has partnered with Health Star Home Health agency to provide home care service to residents of Duluth, Floodwood, Tower, MN and the surrounding areas. This service is usually covered by your insurance.
Through this partnership, we can provide physical, occupational and speech therapy as well as RN nursing care and services through our personal care attendants in your home. The goal of home care is to provide health care services in your home to ensure you are safe, your needs are met, to help you remain in your home as an alternative to receiving services in a nursing home or assisted living and to help you avoid re-hospitalization.

If your home is in as assisted living facility we frequently provide home care services in this setting as well. Through home care we provide a higher level of service than is normally offered through your assisted living facility. We work with the assisted living staff to develop care programs specifically tailored to meet your individual needs and educate the assisted living staff to ensure they have the tools to meet your long term nursing, mobility and daily living needs.

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