Living Well Therapy, our name defines our mission, helping you live well.

Our approach is to offer a variety of therapy services to ensure that you receive the precise care that you need to recover quickly. Physical, Occupational, Speech, Massage therapy and home care all offered by one clinic.

Our objective is to ensure the emphasis of your rehabilitative and wellness healthcare is you, the individual.  We will take the time to understand your needs and then partner with you to develop a plan to realize your goals. Our entire clinic and staff are here to help you live the best quality of life possible.

Our focus is to help you stay fit, strong, and to maximize the quality of your life.  We will help you capitalize on your strengths, recognize and improve upon weaknesses, manage or eliminate aches and pains, and recover from surgery. Whether you are currently in need of rehabilitation therapy or want to ensure you have a wellness program designed to stay fit before challenges arise, we can help.  Our team at Living Well Therapy is driven to provide the highest quality therapy experience for you.

Goal of Service

  • to help you get the most out of life
  • empower you can live an active, healthy, pain free and independent lifestyle
  • for you to be an active participant in maintaining or improving your well being

Philosophy of Care

  • experienced friendly clinicians
  • nationally recognized programs and testing that are incorporated into personalized care
  • clear and consistent communication with you and the rest of your healthcare team