PHONE: Our Office Manager, Melissa, can assist you at 218-481-7603.

ADDRESS: 201 7th Street, Floodwood MN, 55736

CLINIC HOURS: 9:00 to 5:00 Monday, Wednesday and Friday.

*We will accommodate your schedule outside of these hours as needed.

In November of 2015 we opened our second clinic location in Floodwood, MN. We are proud to offer the same high quality out-patient physical therapy services to Floodwood and the surrounding community with the same focus; providing excellent customer service in both our Duluth and Floodwood locations.

We can help you navigate the entire therapy process from communicating with your physician if needed, verifying insurance provider coverage, explaining the injury or surgical process and developing a recovery plan to help you return to your activities. We are in-network with nearly all insurance plans.

We also offer home care services to Floodwood and the surrounding community. Our home care services include physical, occupational and speech therapy as well as skilled nursing and personal care attendant services.

Our Floodwood office is open Monday, Wednesday and Friday. Our typical hours are 9:00 am to 5:00 pm however we will accommodate your schedule for earlier or later appointments if needed.

Not sure if physical therapy can help? Give us a call or stop in for a free 10-minute consultation. If therapy is not the right approach, we will try to offer a referral to someone who may be better able to assist you.

Thank you Floodwood for welcoming us warmly! We are happy to be part of your great community and we appreciate the opportunity to assist you with your therapy needs.