Running Analysis

Nobody Wants To Be Told To Stop Running Due To An Injury

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Recreational and competitive running is the most popular physical activity in North America with over 50 million estimated participants. It is also estimated that up to 70% of runners sustain a running injury each year.¹

Runners are a dedicated and passionate group of people who do not want to be told to stop running because of an injury.

Why So Many Running Injuries?

Nearly all running injuries are over-use injuries due to training errors or problems with running mechanics. Recovering from these injuries, reducing the likelihood that they re-occur or preventing them in the first place requires a thorough understanding of the musculoskeletal system, the mechanics of the running gait cycle and knowledge of appropriate training programs.

Whether your goal is to incorporate running as part of living a healthy lifestyle or to set a new personal record at an upcoming race, at Living Well Therapy we can help you improve your running mechanics and assist you in an individualized training plan that keeps you running and working toward your personal goals.

What To Expect? Results!

  • Musculoskeletal Evaluation – a thorough evaluation to determine how your areas of strength, weakness and flexibility are influencing your running gait pattern.
  • Video Gait Analysis – a multi-angle video analysis in real time and slow motion to analyze the specifics of each phase of your running technique.
  • Running Gait Modification – coaching and techniques to improve the efficiency of your gait pattern.
  • Manual Physical Therapy – hands-on physical therapy techniques to restore your muscular flexibility, joint range of motion and facilitation of proper muscle recruitment to ensure you have the strength and stabilization to support your running pattern.
  • Strength and Conditioning – exercise and cross training prescription empowering you with an individualized program which you can help design. Your program will keep you running and help you avoid running injuries.
  • Personalized Running Program – instruction to safely build or maintain mileage to complete your next race, improve your time or meet your fitness goals.
  • Shoe Prescription – recommendations for appropriate shoes that are specific to your feet.

Recover From Your Training With A Massage

Our massage therapists work closely with the physical therapists in our running program and can help you recover from your training or help you simply relax. You’ve been training hard, you deserve it!

¹“Running Mechanics and Gait Analysis”, Reed Ferber and Shari Macdonald, 2014