Therapy Services

Living Well Therapy, our name defines our mission, helping you live well. Our approach is to offer a variety of physical therapy services to ensure that you receive the right care that you need to recover quickly. 


Balance and Fall Prevention

Older adults value their independence and a fall can significantly limit their ability to remain self-sufficient. The consequences of a fall are devastating and result in significant disability, fear of future falls, decreased mobility, loss of independence and a reduced quality of life. The good news is that the majority of falls are preventable.


Back and Neck

The causes of the pain can vary from tight joints, to muscle imbalances, disc injuries, nerve impingements or a number of other problems. It takes a therapist with the proper training and experience to sort through these issues, identify the source of your problem and apply the correct treatment to get you on the road to recovery.



The therapists at Living Well Therapy are all trained to treat disorders of the musculoskeletal system, or orthopedics. This would include individually based therapy treatment to address injuries involving muscles, bones, joints, ligaments, tendons and nerves.


Pain Management

Licensed staff with experience, tools and techniques to offer effective ways to help you reduce or eliminate your pain. We know that each person is different and has a unique set of needs and circumstances.