Physical Therapy

Living Well Therapy offers a variety of physical therapy services to help you eliminate pain and live your best life.

Our experienced therapists meet the needs of those suffering from pain, looking to get stronger, more flexible, improve their mobility or perform at a higher level.

Our focus is to provide the highest quality of physical therapy service. It is a priority to treat you with dignity and respect. Our staff will work hard to meet your goals and provide excellent customer service.

We do things a little different at Living Well Therapy

  • We are a small locally owned private practice, which gives us flexibility to makes decisions based on what works best, providing excellent patient care.
  • Our success is based on the success of your physical therapy. We will work hard to ensure you have the best possible outcome from your treatment and that your experience is convenient, professional and friendly.
  • Our free parking is steps from our office. No parking ramps or negotiating large buildings to get to your therapy appointment. We’ll even assist you into the office from your car if needed.
  • We will take the time necessary to ensure you get the best possible treatment. Depending on your needs, our treatments times are often longer. Expect up to an hour at your first appointment to assess your condition, determine a treatment approach and begin treatment.
  • Your subsequent treatments are typically between 40 and 60 minutes depending on your individual treatment plan.
  • We are in-network with most insurance plans and will work with your insurance provider to verify benefits before beginning therapy.
  • We offer out of pocket plans for those who choose not to use their insurance or do not have insurance. We take cash, check or credit card. It may also be an option to draw payment from your Health Savings Account.

What to expect during your care at Living Well Therapy

Getting Started - Scheduling, Insurance verification and physician referral

  • Call to either set-up an appointment or consult with one of our physical therapists over the phone to help determine if physical therapy is right for you.
  • If physical therapy is the appropriate option, our office manager will help schedule the first appointment and help explain payment options to ensure there are no surprises. This includes collecting your insurance information to verify insurance or a payment plan.
  • Physical Therapists in Minnesota do not need a physician referral to provide care, however some insurance plans still require one. Our office manager will help determine the specifics of your plan and often times can help obtain a referral, if required.

Your First Appointment with your physical therapists

  • To start you will be asked to complete some required paperwork, once completed you will get started with your physical therapist.
  • The first appointment will begin with an evaluation. Your physical therapist will hear your concerns and will also ask questions to guide the evaluation process to help determine the source of symptoms.
  • Next your physical therapist will assess your strength, flexibility, movement patterns and other simple tests to more precisely determine where your symptoms originate from.
  • Finally, the physical therapist will discuss the results of your evaluation and talk about treatment options to determine a course of action.


  • You will receive treatment during the first appointment. This could include any number of treatment options depending on your condition and the treatment approach. Usually, the first appointment includes establishing an exercise at home plan to help speed recovery.
  • Sometimes a person’s goals can be met in one treatment, often times subsequent treatments are required. The appointment frequency will be determined by you and your therapist. Typically, as your symptoms improve, less frequent appointments are necessary. The goal is recovery where physical therapy is no longer needed.

Treatment Options

  • Ongoing Physical Therapy evaluation – each session will include some degree of assessing progress and adjusting the course of treatment to ensure we are on track to meet your goals.
  • Exercise for strengthening and flexibility
  • Instruction and exercise geared toward overcoming inefficient movement patterns by working toward developing stronger and more effective movement. Ineffective movement patterns often contribute to pain, poor balance or ineffective athletic performance.
  • Hands-on soft tissue work to reduce muscular tension, myofacial restriction and pain.
  • Joint mobilization or manipulation to improve range of motion, reduce muscular tension, alleviate pain and restore functional movement patterns.
  • Dry Needling
  • Instrument assisted soft tissue mobilization, Graston, Cupping and Kinesiology taping.
  • Modalities including Ultrasound, Electrical stimulation, Ice or Heat
If you want to schedule an appointment or have questions, please give us a call, we are here to help. 218-481-7603.