Temporomandibular Disorder (TMD)

Temporomandibular Disorder

JAW PAIN / TMD / TMJ Treatment - Eveleth & Tower, MN

Jaw pain, or temporomandibular disorder (TMD) is a common occurrence that can present with many symptoms including pain, clicking, grinding, popping, or locking of the jaw. Pain is often felt in the jaw, side of the face, upper neck or can present in the form of headaches. TMD can be debilitating and affect many areas of life including the ability to chew, talk, yawn, limit ability to sleep and can even make someone feel uncomfortable in social situations.

The skilled physical therapists at Living Well Therapy can help.

Effective assessment and treatment of TMD requires knowledge and understanding of the jaw muscles and joints, the association of the cervical spine, core strength and overall spinal mechanics and positioning. The physical therapists at Living Well Therapy will work with you by assessing these areas, discuss with you the results of your evaluation and then work with you in developing a plan of treatment.

We will work with you to relieve your symptoms and then correct the dysfunction that ultimately led to your symptoms in the first place. Though each treatment plan is individualized to the specific condition, treatment often includes hands on massage and myofacial release techniques to relieve pain, joint manipulation of the jaw or cervical spine to restore proper mechanics and core strengthening to keep symptoms from returning. We also often include dry needling, Graston technique, ultrasound, or other modalities to assist in recovery.

Choose the physical therapists at Living Well Therapy in determining a plan of care that is comfortable for you.